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Sources are now available to developers for both the Windows and Linux platforms (I hope to extend this soon). Extending the library to other platforms is only possible through developer help, but I have tried to make this as easy as possible. Please email the contact address if you would like to help.

NOTE: All code available from this page is experimental.

Sidplay/w Update To Use Sidplay2 Library:

This modifcation to Sidplay/w allows you to use the newer Sidplay2 emulation library. Some options wont work e.g. volume of voices, panning, etc. This modification is a first attempt and support will increase when I have a bit more time to work on it (I'm currently too busy with Sidplay2, but I felt it was important to have a GUI frontend available). Please DO NOT play around with the device settings in Sidplay/w as they will not work and may have undefined or adverse affects.

Available Versions:

  • Windows:

  • Time Restart Code (for eventual fastforward/rewind):

    Create a directory for placing a few test sids in, I advise this because this experimental version creates lots of files! (Note Optimization values now start at zero, see help). Do:

    sidplay2 -t60 -O1 <songfile>
    This will create restart information for a minutes worth of the song. I'm currently note to bothered about the file sizes, if this experiment proves to be fine I will correct this.

    Once information is generated, use the following to start the song at the required time:
    sidplay2 -ts<playtime> -O1 <songfile>
    If you exceed the amount of time you have generated information for it will just start from the begining. I am really interested to know of problems, etc with the code. Btw, when using the -ts<playtime> switch, the timer will report the incorrect time. Don't worry about it, I will fix that if all goes well.

    SID Internal Filter Redefinition:

    Here you go, this version allows you to redefine the filter. An example ini file can be selected using the following switch:


    Available Versions

  • Linux: libsidplay-2.0.4pre5.tgz

  • Windows: