SIDPLAY2 Home Page

Sidplay 2 is the second in the Sidplay series originally developed by Michael Schwendt. This version is written by Simon White and is cycle accurate for improved sound reproduction. Sidplay 2 is capable of playing all C64 mono and stereo file formats. After downloading any of these files could you please use the feedback links to report successes/failures and specifications of the computer(s) the code was run on. Providing this information will help to develop this program and produce a proper set of minimum requirements.


SIDPLAY V2.0.9 RELEASED (14th Jun 2004) Downloadable sources are available via the project link. This version updates the official release to contain the same functionality as the May 27 2004 sidplay2/w (Windows variant).

HARDSID DRIVER BUG FIX (9th Feb 2002) Both hardsid drivers have been updated to fix timing problems that occured when reading from the SID. The problem is shown by sidplay2(w)s timer incrementing too fast in the first few seconds of DEMOS/NTSC_Co-op_demo_2_intro.sid (HVSC collection).

SIDPLAY2/W RELEASED After a joint effort of work Sidplay2 has been acceptably integrated into the sidplay/w GUI fronted. The latest GUI version of Sidplay2 can be obtained from the Sidplay2/w Homepage. The latest versions of all supporting libraries including hardsid drivers and libsidplay2.dll can be obtained from the downloads section here.

SIDPLAY V2.0.7 RELEASED Use the project link to access the downloadable files. Versions currently available for Windows only. Linux users can obtain the files via the CVS repository until the rpm's are ready.

SIDPLAY2 NOW SUPPORTS HARDSID Support is available for both Windows and Linux platforms. More information is available from the HardSID page.

Minimum Specifications (figures will be revised from beta testing)

  • Un-optimized (-O0): In this version, the SID is kept fully cycle-synced with the CPU, which results in better playback of some tunes. These are really rough guesses at specifications, but it's about a P300 for mono sids and P600 for stereo sids.

  • Optimized (-O1): This version is optimized to reduce CPU overhead. It's cycle based but the SID is only clocked when a sample is required. Specs are sub P166 for stereo C64 songs. This is only available to resid-0.10 users (make sure under Linux Resid is configured using the --disable-shared flag).

  • HardSID: At this time the minimum requirements are unknown. However, due to the "Real Time" requirements, your cpu usage will be pretty extreme no matter what system you have. This problem is currently being investigated.

  • By default Sidplay 2 will run the in the un-optimized mode for best sound reproduction. The default sampling rate is 44,100 Hz at 16 bits per sample (CD Quality). Reducing these settings can help to run this program on machines which just meet the necessary specifications.