Microsoft Windows Binary & Usage Information

The Windows version is currently a Win32 console application. This means that it must be run from DOS command console in either Win95 or Win98. The program is not however a MSDOS program and Windows must be running. The console must also be configured to not hide the fact that Windows is present. You can check this by right clicking on the command prompts shortcut. Select the program tab and click the advanced button. Make sure that the "Prevent MS-DOS-based programs from detecting Windows" is not ticked.

To run this program you must also have at least DirectX 5 installed. Then use the "cd" command to change to the directory to where sidplay2.exe was saved and type:

sidplay2 --help

for information on the command line syntax and available switches.

Assigning Sids to Sidplay2

To make this process a bit easier, you can change a few things. To make sidplay2 run for *.sid and *.mus goto Windows Explorer. Select the View, Folder options and select the file types tab. You should check this list to see if the sid or mus extension already exists. If so you can edit those and also add here any command line options you require e.g. -s, is very useful.

If the sid or mus file types do not exist then select "new type" and enter:

	Description of type: SID music file
	Content Type (MIME): audio/prs.sid
	Associated Extension: .sid

For actions select new:

Action: open
Application used to perform actions: "$path\sidplay2.exe" [options] "%1"

where $path should be replaced with the full location of where sidplay2.exe is stored on your harddrive and [options] replaced with any valid options listed by sidplay2 --help.

Then make sure open is used by default.

Ansi Compliant Consoles

For the Windows version you must make sure the ansi.sys is present in the C:\config.sys file. NT has a similar config file in WinNT\system32. If this file is not added, you will see strange symbols printing on the screen. For Win9x add:

I have no idea where this ansi.sys file gets installed on NT, but it's around. Also for Win3.1 do:
Replace WINDOWSPATH and DOSPATH with relevant directory name, normally this is either Windows, Win95 or Win98, DOS or MSDOS. If someone is able to test this program on Win3.1 using the Win32s update I would grateful to know the results.

Available Versions

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  • Old Versions (Win32 Console)

  • (Sep 8th 2000)

  • (Aug 28th 2000)

  • (Aug 10th 2000)